The Holographic Doctor's Love Life

Seven of Nine and the Holodoc

As Robert Picardo once seemed to be fond of saying, on Voyager (at least in the first three seasons) he was "kissed more than any other man on the show." He then would go on to add, "you know, I'm clearly doing much better as a hologram than I've ever done as a human." On this page I've compiled a pictorial history of the Doctor's love life, in chronological order. Though it was Kes who first kissed the Doc, in the first-season episode "Eye of the Needle," Freya (the holographic Viking shieldmaiden in "Heroes and Demons") was the first to really plant one on him. She also made him a rather generous offer, one he was forced by circumstance to decline. (Or was it only circumstance? Just when did the Doctor make that "addition" to his program that he alluded to in "Message in a Bottle"?)

Of course, to my disappointment I was never able to add an image of a spectacular romantic kiss between the Doctor and Seven of Nine to this collection. Perhaps a visitor to this web site would like to create an artwork of such a kiss, and send the image to the webmaster! (Just please keep such an image tasteful, and nothing that would be assigned a higher rating than PG.)

For those of you who prefer their Holodoctor romance in prose form, please take a look at the Holodoctor fanfiction page.

The Holodoc

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The artwork of the Doctor and Seven of Nine as "Tiny Toons" is reproduced on this page with the kind permission of the artist, Nina Ruzicka (© 2001).