by Irenee Johnson

Disclaimer: Seven and the Doctor belong to The Powers That Be. I just put words in their mouths.

The Doctor and Seven of Nine, by Janet D'Airo


"Yes, Doctor."

"I think you did very well on your first date."

"I disagree, but... thank you."

"I was wondering if you were planning on trying it again."

"I was not."


"Why do you ask?"

"I was wondering if... you'd consider...."


"...if you'd consider trying it again... with me."

"You? You are a hologram."

"I know, but...."




"Oh. Oh! Okay.... Well... I'll meet you in holodeck 2 at 1800."

"That is acceptable."


Story © 1999 by Irenee Johnson. Art © 1999 by Janet D'Airo. Reproduced on the Official Robert Picardo Home Page with permission of the author and artist.

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