Holodoctor Fanfiction

The Holodoctor by Warren OddssonHere are a number of fan-written stories featuring the Holodoctor.
  • "Matchmaker" by Amy Vincent. A retelling of the story of Cyrano de Bergerac, with the Doctor as Cyrano and Kes as Roxane.
  • "The Doctor's Tale" by Amanda Bonner. A curious Doctor begins to peoplewatch in Sandrine's and discovers a tangled web of romance, tragedy, and regret amongst the crew of the Voyager.
  • "Antidote" by Beatrice Dante. Commander Chakotay is desperately ill, and the Doctor is at a loss. Perhaps Dr. Danara Pel might provide an antidote, if only the Doctor can find her... not to mention the missing Captain!
  • "The Witness" by Suz. At the end of "Living Witness," we learn that the Doctor's "backup copy" left his new home to follow Voyager back to Earth. What might the end of that journey have been like?
  • "Approval Process" by William Leisner. One of the responsibilities of the head of Starfleet Medical is to objectively consider new proposals... but can Dr. Beverly Crusher really be objective about this new "Emergency Medical Hologram" proposal from Dr. Lewis Zimmerman? By the author of "Gods, Fate, and Fractals" in Pocket Books' Star Trek: Strange New Worlds II anthology.
  • "A Hologram in His Own Right" by Thea Bradley. Kathryn Janeway just isn't herself - literally! And the Doctor is the only one who can solve the mystery of just what's happened to the captain.
  • "The Next Step" by Irenee Johnson. The Doctor ventures to ask Seven of Nine a question. Includes a drawing by artist Janet D'Airo.
  • "Remembrance Day" by Dr. Jekyl. It's the Doctor's sixth birthday... but why isn't he celebrating?
  • "Thank You, Henry Starling" by Suz. The Doctor recalls a lovely memory.
  • "Calculate Solution" by Thyme. "Two patients, equally injured, both in imminent danger of dying. There is only time to save one. Determine which receives treatment." A take on the Doctor's thought processes during "Latent Image."
  • "Galatea Redux" by lamardeuse. Seven of Nine has a problem, and her usual confidante... is the source of the problem! Includes a drawing by artist Janet D'Airo.
  • "A Delicate Matter" by lamardeuse. One question is uppermost in Seven of Nine's mind these days, and the question is... how does one go about seducing a hologram? Part Two of "Galatea Redux."
  • "Reunion" by Dr. Jekyl. Twenty years after Voyager's return to the Alpha Quadrant, two old friends get together. Includes a drawing by artist Janet D'Airo.
  • A Star Trek: Voyager script - "Program End" by Kevin Dellaquaglia. Is the Doctor the only survivor of the wreck of the starship Voyager?
  • "Ghost Ship" by Susan McCrackin. An away mission almost turns into a disaster for the Doctor, Seven of Nine, and Tom Paris.
  • "Together, In Small Places" by Susan McCrackin. The Doctor's planned outing with Seven of Nine changes from play to work... and from there into a crisis situation. Includes a drawing by artist Janet D'Airo.
  • "Enlightenment" by Phillip Jones. The Doctor visits the Enterprise-E to implement a training program for his brother EMH Mark One, and uncovers a dangerous plot.
  • "A Day in Sickbay" by Chap Dirkson. What seemed like a typical day for the Doctor hasn't quite turned out that way....

Holodoctor Fanfiction on Other Sites

For more stories featuring the Doctor (and, in most cases, Tom Paris), visit the Star Trek: Voyager Fiction Page for Neetz' Voyager Fiction.

Wonder Years Fanfiction Featuring Coach Cutlip

Here's a great Wonder Years script by Ulrike "Pinky" Scherling that offers Coach Ed Cutlip (played, of course, by our beloved Robert Picardo) a chance at a "Latent Romance".

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