Robert Picardo at the Creation 2006 "Grand Slam Sci-Fi Summit"

Pasadena, California - March 10, 2006
by Loretta Painter

At the Pasadena, California, Creation Entertainment "Grand Slam Sci-Fi Summit" convention on March 10-12, 2006, Robert Picardo auctioned two of his Stargate SG1 scripts (marked with his personal notes) for charity. The donation amount from auction winner Pat for the script from the episode "Scourge" was designated for the Pasadena Playhouse. The San Gabriel Valley Habitat for Humanity was the recipient of the other winning charity donation from Barbara (see image below) for the script from the episode "Inauguration."

For more details about the convention and Bob's appearance, go to the convention report on the official Star Trek web site.

Photograph and text © 2006 by Loretta Painter. Reproduced on the Official Robert Picardo Web Site with permission of the author/photographer.

Robert Picardo and Barbara in Pasadena

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