Creation Convention

Hempstead, Long Island - December 9-10, 2000
By Ginger Jade Beverst

I recently attended Creation's Sci-Fi convention where, among the featuredguests, was our own beloved actor Robert Picardo, whom I had the pleasureof meeting. For those of you who could not make it, here is a shared experienceof the day.

Among the featured guests from Star Trek were Michael Dorn (Worf/TNG),Chase Masterson (Leeta/DS9), and Robert Picardo (we know). Also featuredwere Chris Owens and William B. Davis (Agent Spender and Cigarette SmokingMan/X-Files). And to be completely candid, who was everyone's favorite?You guessed it, Mr. Picardo. It's his wonderful sense of humor that endearsyou to him. He really did save the best for last, as his part on stage duringthe convention was really your basic Q & A seasoned with Robert Picardohumor, to be followed later by a Cabaret performance with Chase, also featuringRobert Trebor from Xena (which is where the really funny stuff happens).

I was fortunate enough to have front row seating all day, which madethe whole experience that much more enjoyable. There was this beautifullittle five-year-old girl sitting next to me on her father's lap who raisedher hand to ask Bob a question. She asked "Do you get nervous whileyou are on stage?" His reply (not verbatim) was "Sometimes I geta little nervous, not a lot, but a little... like right now. That's whyI'm rocking back and forth like this." (Audience laughed.) Then hevery sweetly told her he liked her pretty white shoes, and her pretty reddress, which she completely loved! When he was done complimenting her heturned to the audience and said, "He's a fine-looking young man!"

If you get a chance to go to a convention featuring Robert, you mustbuy a ticket for the Cabaret performance. It's absolutely adorable! It'sso nice to see them up there just having fun. A highlight was when Bob sanga Voyager adaptation of "What's New Pussycat?" to threestand-up cardboard cutouts of Seven, Janeway and Torres. He went up to eachone and sang to "her" what he loves best about them. Janeway withher "pussycat pips," Seven with her "pussycat nodes."It was ridiculously funny, kind of like watching "Tinker Tenor DoctorSpy." Also sung was "What's My Name?" in the character ofthe Doctor wanting to know just what his name is, and "I'll Be SoldFor Christmas."

"Brown-Eyed Girl" was sung next, where he shared that Van Morrisonis one of his favorites. Next was "Twistin' the Night Away." Now,I have to apologize profusely to Bob as I did not get up and dance. I wassitting in the front row and therefore feel it was my obligation to getup and twist, which he was trying so hard to get everyone to do. My shynessgot the best of me, but would you believe it still is bothering me thatI didn't get up! I mean, Robert Picardo sings to you and you don't get up!?!Bob, I'm sorry! Really. I wish I had. We were kind of a mellow crowd I guess.But take my word, I don't care how embarrassed you are, if you get a chanceto attend and Bob says "get up and twist," get up and twist forcrying out loud!

The last songs that were sung were "Sixteen Tons" (an adaptation),"Smoke Gets In Your Eyes," "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow"(another adaptation... to which we all of course reply "Yes, Bob, wewill!"), and finally "Viva Las Vegas" where we all got tosee Bob's tonsils. ("Vivaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Las Vegas"). They werefully prepared after this number to come on out for an encore because weasked for one and we got one! Bob and Chase sung a Sonny & Cher duet spoofentitled "I Had You Babe." It was supposed to be what they willbe singing when reunited in heaven. Absolutely hysterical.

Bob, thank you so much for the wonderful evening. We all appreciate yourhard work so much. It is a grueling field of work that you're in, but thankyou for always taking time for those of us who love you so in the form ofthese conventions. We wish you continued success in whatever you find yourselfdoing in the years to come. We will "still love you tomorrow"and support you no matter what you do. One more thing‹though I do appreciateyour giving my mom a kiss on the cheek (she's a made woman now), I stillwant my picture with you as that was my only goal in coming to the convention.I am, needless to say, down but not out.


Report © 2000 by Ginger Jade Beverst. Report reproduced on the Official Robert Picardo Home Page with permission of the author/photographer.

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