Images from the Sci-Fi Expo in Dallas, Texas - July 10 & 11, 2004

On the weekend of July 10 & 11, 2004, Robert Picardo and other sci-fi celebrities including Marina Sirtis (Star Trek: The Next Generation) appeared at the Sci-Fi Expo at the Richardson Civic Center in the Dallas, Texas area. Marissa Dryden of was at the convention and took some lovely photographs of Bob Picardo, his daughter Gina, and Marina Sirtis, and generously shared these images with the Official Robert Picardo Web Site.

Robert Picardo
(Above) Bob Picardo signs autographs at his table at the Richardson Civic Center
Robert and Gina Picardo
(Above) Bob's lovely 12-year-old daughter, Gina, came to Dallas to help Dad with his table
Robert Picardo
(Above) Bob takes on a serious question at his panel session
Marina Sirtis
(Above) Marina Sirtis shared the panel with Bob. Bob is known for his humor and wit at these sessions, but Marina certainly gave him a run for his money!
Robert Picardo
(Above) And now for a less serious question... or at least a less serious answer!
Robert Picardo
(Above) Of course, not all the questions have easy answers
Robert Picardo and Marina Sirtis
(Above) After their Q & A session is over, Bob and Marina happily pose together for pictures, to the delight of the Dallas crowd
Robert Picardo
(Above) Bob strikes a pose for photographer Marissa Dryden
Marina Sirtis and Robert Picardo
(Above) Marina Sirtis shares a hug with her good friend Bob
Robert and Gina Picardo
(Above) Bob and Gina Picardo on their way out of the Richardson Civic Center. Time to say goodbye to Dallas and head back to Los Angeles!

Images © Marissa Dryden of Images reproduced on the Official Robert Picardo Web Site with permission of the photographer.

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